why use a password manager

1st, let’s start with what makes your password management vulnerable to hackers. :

  • Failure to change passwords frequently enough
  • Failure to create completely different passwords for every app/service/site
  • Failure to dream up sufficiently secure/complex alphanumeric combinations
  • Storing passwords in an unencrypted browser
  • Failure to log out of websites before leaving your device
  • All of the above

Now what you need to know is that there is plenty of option for your right now to handle your password management in a better way.

It’s called a password manager.

Stay calm & let us help you!

  • Manage all your password from 1 convenient place
  • Use unique complex password per website
  • Don’t ever lose again your password.  
  • Don’t stress about your password being stolen
  • Have your password encrypted automatically
  • Stay safe in case of data breach and password leak
  • Protect your digital life once and for all

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