Your last chance against identity theft

Nowadays, your chances that part of your personal information circulating on the dark web is high.

But whatever if it’s the case or not, you need to take all the necessary action to prevent that as much as possible by using different techniques explained in many articles on our websites.

But when the worse happens (aka, your identity got stolen), you have 1 last chance to prevent or mitigate the damage to your identity, credits & capacity to borrow money in the future.

It is important to verify a close look at your credit score.

It is important to put proper alert & monitoring in the credits verification service that you are using.

You should take the habit of looking at your credit score every week, and for any anomaly, you should call right away your bank or your creditor.

It is the best way to get information on how to dispute errors or possible fraud on your account.

Again, all for keeping your digital security safe, you better have a 24/7 credit protection

It is also possible that you might not have any credit score service yet. If it’s the case, I can recommend this one which will give you your score right away using the top 3 Bureaus of credits

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